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Pengembangan Produk Spreadable Margarin Beraroma Panili

dc.contributor.advisorAhza, Adil Basuki
dc.contributor.authorDewi, Belinda Priska Chentya
dc.description.abstractMargarine is one of the water in oil (w/o) emulsion products. Margarine is usually made by plant-based oil. Palm oil and its fractions are widely used for the manufacture of margarine. As the second largest producer of palm oil in the world, Indonesia has great potential to develop margarine products. One of those potentially to be developed is vanilla-flavored spreadable margarine (VFSM). Vanilla flavor is one of the most preferred and widely used in food manufacture. To develop VFSM, this research divided into three steps, i.e., preliminary research, process of margarine making, and analysis. This research is carried out using a completely randomized factorial design. The preliminary research includes characterization of raw materials, determination of vanilla odor threshold, and determination of range treatment in stearin olein ratio. VFSM made from refined bleached deodorized palm olein and palm stearin. The process of VFSM-making includes mixing, homogenizing, packaging, and tempering. There are 9 formulation of spreadable margarine, i.e., three of stearin olein ratio (60%: 40%, 50%: 50%, 40%: 60%) and three concentration of vanilla flavor (0009%, 0012%, 0015%). Physical, chemical, and sensorial characteristics of the VFSM were then analyzed, i.e., the stability, physical (color, spreadibility, consistency), chemical (acid number, iodine number, peroxide number), and organoleptic (rating and hedonic rating test). The results indicated that all of margarine formulas have a good of stability (more than 85%), physical, and chemical characteristics. Based on analysis of variance (ANOVA), the stearin olein ratio did not interact with the concentration of vanilla flavor (p>0.05). All of margarine formulas are also have a good quality of intensity and good acceptability. Based on analysis of stability, physical, chemical, and organoleptic, margarine with stearin olein ratio of 50%:50% and flavor vanilla concentration of 0.012% was selected as the best formula. This formula has similar sensory characteristics, but it has better physical and chemical characteristics than the commercial product.en
dc.subjectspreadable margarineen
dc.subjectpalm oilen
dc.subjectvanilla flavoren
dc.titleProduct Development Of Vanilla-Flavored Spreadable Margarineen
dc.titlePengembangan Produk Spreadable Margarin Beraroma Panili

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