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Pengaruh Jenis dan Kadar Bahan Perekat pada Pembuatan Briket blotong sebagai bahan Bakar Alternatif

dc.contributor.advisorIsmayana, Andes
dc.contributor.authorAfriyanto, Moh. Rizal
dc.description.abstractBriquette is one alternative fuel that is simple and has great potential to be developed. This study aims to determine the appropriate adhesive material in the manufacture of briquettes from filter cake, and to know the effect of adding tapioca adhesive or molasses adhesive in the making of filter cake briquettes. Preliminary studies conducted to find out that blotong can be utilized into briquettes. In the main study conducted by making briquettes using different adhesive materials, using adhesives molasses and tapioca adhesive with adhesive levels respectively 10%, 15%, and 20%. Preliminary research results indicate that filter cake waste into raw materials can be used briquettes. The results of descriptive analysis of this study was the addition of adhesive in the making of filter cake briquettes will cause the density becomes high, the firing rate becomes small and can increase the calorific value of briquettes from 1026 cal /gram to reach 1995 cal /gram. The resulting coal filter cake briquettes good enough, that is by generating a temperature coal between 357.22 to 496.11 ° C. In addition, this filter cake briquettes produce low ash content and levels of substances to fly higher than wood charcoal briquettes on the market. Briquette with the best quality based on the calculation method Composite Performance Index (CPI) is the briquettes with an adhesive mixture of 15% molasses. These briquettes have a calorific value and the highest temperature of the coals so much faster in boiling 300 ml of water, is for 17 minutes.en
dc.subjectbriquettes filter cakeen
dc.titleEffect Of Type And Concentration Adhesive On The Making Of Briquettes From Filter Cake As An Alternative Fuelen
dc.titlePengaruh Jenis dan Kadar Bahan Perekat pada Pembuatan Briket blotong sebagai bahan Bakar Alternatif

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