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Carcass and non carcass productivity of local beef cattle based on body fatness score

dc.contributor.advisorPriyanto, Rudy
dc.contributor.advisorNuraini, Henny
dc.contributor.authorIsmail, Muhammad
dc.description.abstractIndonesia has a potentially local beef cattle population which contributes markedly to the national beef production. The main problem of the cattle industry is the diverse condition of cattle fatness slaughtered at the processing plant. The differences in cattle fatness may influence productivity of the local beef cattle. The study was aimed to evaluate the effect body fatness on carcass and non carcass productivity within each frame size of local beef cattle. This study used 144 male local beef cattle obtained from eighteen slaughter houses within ten provinces in Indonesia. They comprised 48 heads of small frame size cattle (bali and madura cattle), 27 heads of medium frame size cattle (ongole cross and sumba ongole cattle), and 69 heads of large frame size cattle (local crossbreed cattle). The experiment used Completely Randomized Design. The collected data were then analyzed using analysis of variance and further between treatment differences were tested by Duncan Multiple Range Test. The results showed that increased body fatness score would be followed by increased slaughter weights, carcass weights, and carcass percentages. The effect of body fatness on weights and percentages of non carcass components showed varying results. Nevertheless, it was suggested that increased fatness score would be followed by increased weights and decreased percentages of non carcass components. The cattle used in this study have not reached optimal slaughtered point, both in proportion and average slaughter weight. Proportion of ideal body fatness level (fat condition) was 19.44 % from the total animal observed. General average of slaughter weight for small, medium, and large frame size 270.30 kg, 354.78 kg, and 389.33 kg, respectivelyen
dc.titleProduktivitas karkas dan non karkas sapi potong lokal berdasarkan tingkat perlemakan tubuhid
dc.titleCarcass and non carcass productivity of local beef cattle based on body fatness scoreen
dc.subject.keywordlocal beef cattleen
dc.subject.keywordbody fatness scoreen
dc.subject.keywordframe sizeen

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