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dc.contributor.authorDarwis, Anita
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this experiment was to study the optimum doses fertilizer of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for oil palm seedling (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in main nursery. This experiment was carried out at IPB Experimental Station (Plantation Teaching Farm),Cikabayan Dramaga, Bogor, from November 2011 to May 2012. The treatment was laid-out in a factorial randomized block design with three replications. The first factor was N i.e. 0, 8.51, 17.02, and 34.04 g N.plant-1 and the second was P i.e. 0, 2.28, 4.56 and 9.12 g P.plant-1. The result of the experiment showed that vegetative growth increased with fertilizer application. The height and leaf area of plant are affected by interaction between N and P significantly. The total leaf number and steam diameter increased quadratically with fertilizer rate of N and application of P increased linearly. Base on the height of plant and leaf number, optimum recommendation rate of N for oil palm seedling during six months in main nursery is 21.99 g N plant-1, by aplication every month i.e. 1.60, 1.14, 2.80, 4.01, 5.73 and 5.74 g N plant-1.month-1. Optimum recommendation rate of P is 4.24 g P plant-1 by aplication every month i.e. 0.22, 0.44, 0.76, 0.18, 0.94, and 1.70 g P.plant-1.month-1. The seedlings that resulted from experiment could be requisite accomplished to used on commercial planting.en
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.subjectoil palm seedlingen
dc.subjectoptimizing fertilizer rateen
dc.subjectmain nurseryen
dc.titleOptimizing of fertilizer nitrogen and phosphorus doses for oil palm seedling (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in Main Nurseryen

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