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    • Pendugaan Peri ode dari Proses Poisson Periodik 

      Ilyas, Muhammad | Mangku,I Wayan | Purnaba,I Gusti Putu (2009)
      In this manuscript a method for estimating period T of a periodic Poisson process which is observed in interval [O,nj is discussed. From the research that has been done, it has been proven that the estimator for T is ...
    • Prediksi Jangka Panjang dari Proses Poisson Siklik dengan Fungsi Intensitas Global Diketahui 

      Margaretha, Agustina | Mangku,I Wayan | Siswandi (2012)
      In this manuscript, long term prediction of a cyclic Poisson process with known global intensity is discussed. Prediction intervals are constructed using a single realization of the past data of a cyclic Poisson process ...