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Mangrove ecosystem management based mitigation . (case of small Islands Bunaken National Park)

dc.contributor.advisorYulianda, Ferdinan
dc.contributor.advisorBengen, Dietriech G.
dc.contributor.advisorSetyobudiandi, Isdradjad
dc.contributor.authorSchaduw, Joshian Nicolas William
dc.description.abstractMangrove ecosystem has many functions for coastal areas, among other functions of ecological, social and economic. This function is a systemic impact on the environment other coastal ecosystems and human life. Through the mitigation of these functions can be optimized to minimize the degradation of small island environments. This study analyzed the condition of existing mangrove ecosystem, the vulnerability of small islands, and mangrove ecosystem management strategies based mitigation. This study uses primary and secondary data. Primary data gathering done by sampling, field observation, quistioner, and open-ended interviews and in-depth interviews in the research area. Secondary data gathering by unravel various literature, and related institution. Vulnerability index was analyzed using multi dimensional scaling method where as vulnerability mapping carried out by analysis of geographic information system using the software Arcview 3.3. For patterns and management strategies used stakeholder analysis through a technique SMART (Simple multi-attribute rating technique) using the software Criterium decision plus (Criplus Version 3.0 S). Results obtained from this research is the mangrove ecosystem of small islands in Taman Nasional Bunaken need to get attention in the management considering the rate of degradation and threats to these ecosystems is increasing. Nain Island is the island most vulnerable to the threat of damage to ecosystems by humans activity or natural factors. Management scheme that can accommodate a variety of problems faced by the mangrove ecosystem of small islands is Colaboratif management by the government as the leading sector with the highest priority on the management of the ecological dimension.en
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.subjectmangrove ecosystemen
dc.subjectsmall islanden
dc.titlePengelolaan ekosistem mangrove berbasis mitigasi (kasus pulau-pulau kecil Taman Nasional Bunaken)id
dc.titleMangrove ecosystem management based mitigation . (case of small Islands Bunaken National Park)en

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