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Karakteristik Habitat Preferensial Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii di Taman Nasional Sebangau

dc.contributor.advisorSantosa, Yanto
dc.contributor.advisorKartono, Agus P.
dc.description.abstractThe orangutan Pongo spp. was once widespread in Asia but is now found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. In Central Kalimantan orangutan with the highest population number can be found in Sebangau National Park (SNP). Densities were found to be highest in the tall interior and mixed swamp forest sub-types and also concentrate in habitat + 4 km near from the river. Today, the probability of a direct observation for this animal is very low. The literature study shows that large animals have preferences in their habitat and therefore tend to distribute uniformly or clumped. In consequence, the management of orangutan population and habitat must consider their habitat preference. This study that was carried out in SNP from November to December 2010, were aimed to: (1) determining characteristic of habitat preference for orangutan, (2) identifying dominant habitat factor for orangutan. Tools used in the study consisted of; map of SNP, binoculars, GPS, digital camera, thermo-hydrometer, tally sheet, and measuring tape. Direct field observation and literature review were done to collect data. Based on multiple linear regressions analysis, the dominant habitat factors that determine habitat preference for orangutan were the species number of diet for tree level (X11) and species density of diet for tree level (x14). The equation formulated was Y = - 0.033 + 0.534 X11 - 0.516 X14, indicating that one unit increase of species number of diet for tree level presence by 0.534 points and a one point decrease in species density of the diet for tree level presence by 0.516 points. Using Neu’s method of preferential index’s analysis it was concluded that out of 5 locations studied, 2 locations (mix swamp forest and tall interior forest) had preferential indices greater than 1.en
dc.subjectSebangau National Parken
dc.subjecthabitat preferencesen
dc.titleCharacteristic of Habitat Preference for Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii in Sebangau National Parken
dc.titleKarakteristik Habitat Preferensial Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii di Taman Nasional Sebangau

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