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    • Iriasan Komersial Karkas Kelinci dan Proporsi Dagingnya 

      Herman, Rachmat | Duldjaman, Maman (1983)
      Twenty one native rabbits oonsisted of 12 nales and 9 fenales, with body weight that varied from 1.00 to 1.70 kg for males and 1 -00 to 1.78 kg for females, mere killed a t the Faaul ty cf i?nimal S cienoe, Bogol: Ag~icutlu ...
    • Pengaruh Perbedahan Pertumbuhan terhadap Produksi "Daging" Kelinci Lokal 

      Rohaedin, Dedin | Herman, Rachmat | Duldjaman, Maman (1983)
      Thirty young male local rabbits, varied from 470 to 690 gram, were randomly devided into 3 groups. Three treatments were given, i.e. low growth rate to group I, low-high to group I1 and high to group 111, ...