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Resources characteristic, opportunity and the utilization pattern of deep-sea demersal fish

dc.contributor.advisorHaluan, John
dc.contributor.advisorWiyono, Eko Sri
dc.contributor.authorSatria, Fayakun
dc.description.abstractDeep-sea demersal fish in the northwest of Simeulue (S4) and in the west of Banda Aceh (S5) was recently utilized by a commercial bottom trawler, F/V Koshin Maru No 01. Previously, an extensive survey was conducted by R/V Baruna Jaya IV in 2005. The data obtained from those vessels have been used to answer the question of how to utilize the deep sea demersal fish resources particularly in the western of Aceh waters. Specifically the objectives of this study were to describe community structure of demersal fish, potency of species to be commercially exploited and impact derived from the fishing practice. Data analyses involved were swept area method, biodiversity indeces, by-catch and discard, length of first maturity, break even point (BEP). A total of 11,436 kg (63, 521 individuals of fish) were caught from 63 trawl stations
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titleKarakteristik sumberdaya, peluang dan pola pemanfaatan ikan demersal laut-dalamid
dc.titleResources characteristic, opportunity and the utilization pattern of deep-sea demersal fish, A.Md 2012-10-05 Edit : Pembimbing, Keyword
dc.subject.keywordNangroe Aceh Darussalam
dc.subject.keywordUji similaritas
dc.subject.keywordHoplostethus rubellopterus
dc.subject.keywordBeryx splendens

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