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dc.contributor.authorAvenzora, Ricky
dc.contributor.authorT. Sunarminto
dc.contributor.authorN Koesmaryandi
dc.description.abstractMinongkabou in West Sumatra is one 0/ the lost matrilineal ethnic-group in the world. On one hand, the rule on "ancient belongings'" {Horta Pusaka Tinggi} Is safe the land-ownership and land-use pattern in the areo - which ;s leading the beauty scenic of nature and culrure stiff exist - but on the other hand it brings a serious problem to the investor for tourism. A community based tourism approached has been applied not only to bridge the problem but 0150 to empower the focol societis for involving on eco-culture tourism development fn Ihefr area actively. The concept of "one villoge one product" (OVOP) has been chosen to aims a collaborative eca-cultural tourism image of the area. The results show that the awareness on tourism potentials already exist among the villagers, but they still need many support on knowledge for being creative genuinely using the potentiaJs in each Nagari for a better ecoculture tourism in the whole
dc.publisherUniversitas Padjadjaran Bandungid
dc.titleCommunity Based Tourism Development on Eco-Culture Tourism in Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatraid
dc.subject.keywordWest Sumatraid
dc.subject.keywordeco-culture tourismid

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