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dc.contributor.authorTriyono, Sugeng
dc.contributor.authorHaryanto, Agus
dc.contributor.authorHaryati, Ria Sari
dc.description.abstractThe aims of this research were to design and to evaluate the performance of biomassfueled- copra tray dryer. Copra dryer with dimensions of 100 cm length and width, and 200 cm height (excluding base and smokestack) had been constructed. Drying room was partitioned into two separated compartments, left and right of exhausted gas tunnel which was equipped with heat retaining fins. Each compartment had 9 trays and was equipped with fans to transport water vapor outside the drying room. In the testing, conducted in Pagelaran Village, the drying capacity was fully loaded. Two kinds of fuel used for the testing were firewood and coconut shell. Each of coconut kernels was split into two halves and put on the trays. After shrinking, the coconut kernels were gouged out and drying process was continued. The results showed that copra dryer had good performances. Coconut shell as a fuel was better than wood. Drying temperature in the compartments reached 54 – 66oC when coconut shell was used. Dryer had a 278- nut capacity (160 kg kernel) and produced 60 kg copra with energy efficiency of 6,51%. Copra produced showed prime visual quality, clear and shinny looking with no visible
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.subjectBogor Agricultural University (IPB)id
dc.subjectTray Dryerid
dc.subjectCoconut Shellid
dc.titleRancang Bangun dan Uji Kinerja Alat Pengering Kopra Tipe Rak Berbahan Bakar Biomasaid

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