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dc.contributor.authorNalley, WM
dc.contributor.authorPratama, A
dc.contributor.authorArifiantini, RI
dc.description.abstractThe quality of bull frozen semenproduced by artificial insemination center refers to Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 01-4869.1: 2008 for bull frozen semen. The requirements quality of frozen semen are at least having >40% sperm motility with the velocity of spermatozoa at least two (0-5). Semen should be packed in mini straw 0.25 ml consist al least 25 x 〖10〗^6 sperm cells. The purpose of this study was to evaluate sperm motility, velocity and to calculate the sperm concentration in one straw produce by the regional artificial insemination center in Indonesia. 30 samples of frozen semen (PO, Simmental and Limousine), used in this study. The result demonstated that sperm motility and velocity of all bull were corresponding with SNI of bull frozen semen. Sperm concentration which corresponding with SNI of bull frozen semen was only 3.33% (1/30), others contained an average of ≥5 to <10 million 20%, ≥10 to <15 million 40%, and ≥15 to <20 million 20%. The number of sperm cells in a straw which not meet with the packing requirements , will reduce the number of sperm that have the ability to fertilize an ovum when
dc.publisherLaboratorium Riset Terpadu Universitas Nusa Cendanaid
dc.titlePengujian Motilitas Dan Validitas Konsentrasi Spermatozoa Dalam Kemasan Semen Beku Dari Salah Satu Balai Inseminasi Buatan Daerah (BIBD) Indonesiaid
dc.subject.keywordfrozen semenid

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