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dc.contributor.authorSafithri, Mega
dc.contributor.authorYasni, Sedamawati
dc.contributor.authorBintang, Maria
dc.contributor.authorRanti, Anna S
dc.description.abstractIndonesia was in the .ph largest for the number of people having diabetes mellitus with a prevalence of 8.(30.16 of the total population in 2005 (after India, China and the United States). One of Indonesia's medicinal plants studied that have anti-hyperglycemic lK:tivity is PipeT crocatum. P.crocatum leaves have a bitter taste can be combined with C. burmannii, in order to obtain a delicious flavor and it can preserve the product. Aims of this study is to get the health drink formula made from P. crocfium and C. burmannii which have antioxidative activity by measurement of superoxide dlsmutase and catalase enzyme, and anti-hyperglycemic activity in vitro by measurement of a1Ilucosidase enzyme activity. Extraction process of P. crocatum and C. burmannii was done separately by using the solvent water. P.crocatum extract mixed with extract of C. burmannii with a ratio of 1:0; 1:0,2; 1:0,6; 1:1, and 0:1. In elK:h mixture was added sweetener stevia as much as 0.67%vlv. Measurement 01 a-glucosidase enzyme activity, superoxide dismutase and catalase was performed by spectrophotometric methods. The results showed that the 1:0,6 formula is the best formula for having the enzyme lK:tivity of superoxide dismutase at 3.32 ± 0.08 Ulml, catalase 0.18 ± 0.02 Ulml, and inhibitor a-glucosidase enzyme by 61, 00 ± 2.55%, and total phenolic compounds of the largest, it is 1067.65 ± 0.90 ppm. The formula has a characteristic pH value, L, a and b respectively by 5.59 ± 0.01, 28.40 ± 0.04; +5.87 ± 0.14, and +6.32 ± 0,
dc.publisherPATPI bekerjasama dengan Program Studi Ilmu Pangan Program Pascasarjana Universitas Sam Ratulangiid
dc.titleAktivitas Antioksidasi dan Inhibitor Enzim a-Glukosidase Minuman Fungsional Sirih Merah (Piper crocatum) dan Kayu Manis (Cinnamomum burmannil)id
dc.subject.keywordPiper crocfiumid
dc.subject.keywordCinnamomum burmanniiid
dc.subject.keywordantioksidative lK:tivityid
dc.subject.keyworda-glukosidase lK:tivityid

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