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dc.contributor.authorBatubara, Aron
dc.contributor.authorR. R. Noor
dc.contributor.authorA. Frajallah
dc.contributor.authorB. Tiesnamurti
dc.description.abstractLocal goats is very potential for breeding program which suitable to the Indonesia local conditions. The sampling was conducted in four genotypes of the Indonesian local goats (amounts 149 goats) namely: 25 animals Kacang goats, 29 head PE goats, 35 Muara goats and 60 Samosir goats. The goats blood were with absolute Ethanol. DNA extracted analyzed by PCR and RFLP methods for GDF9 gene. The result showed that the identification of GDF 9 gene promoter were polymorphic than and have our relationship with the prolific traits on the twinning does on Kacang and PE genotypes of goats, but were monomorphic on the Samosir and Muara genotypes of
dc.publisherGadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesiaid
dc.subject.ddcAnimal husbandryid
dc.titleIdentifcation of Gdf9 Gene And its Relationship with The Prolific Traits on Indonesian Local Goatsid
dc.subject.keywordGDF9 geneid
dc.subject.keywordThe Indonesian local goatid
dc.subject.keywordFecundity geneid

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