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dc.contributor.authorRahayu, Sri
dc.contributor.authorM. Yamin
dc.contributor.authorC. Sumantri
dc.contributor.authorD. Apri Astuti
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research was to investigate the effects of diet containing mung bean sprouts waste as grass substitution and night feeding management on behaviour of garut sheep. Twelve growing male lambs of the garut sheep were used in this experiment. The diets that formulated on dry matter (DM) basis were ration G (40% native grass + 60% concentrate) and ration W (40% of mung bean sprouts waste + 60% concentrate). The feeding management were Daylight-Feeding (DF: feeding time at 6 am) and Night-Feeding (NF: feeding time at 6 pm). This experiment used randomized block design with four combinations of diet and feeding management (G-DF, G-NF, W-DF,W-NF) as treatments. The animals were reared in individual cages and fed the diets at a daily rate of 4 % DM/kg of BW. The behavior were recorded by CCTV during experiment. Parameters of behavior included ingestive, resting, and agonistic were investigated from CCTV records with focal sampling method and one-zero time recording. Data that observed on daylight and night period were analyzed by using Anova. Ingestive behavior that observed on daylight and night period were significantly affected by treatment, but resting behavior were significant on night period observation. Meanwhile agonistic behavior that observed on daylight and night period were not significant. On daylight period, ingestive behavior frequency of the sheep with G-DF dan W-DF were higher than G-NF and W-NF, but showed the contrary result on the night period. Resting behavior frecuency of the sheep with G-DF dan W-DF were higher than G-NF and W-NF on night period and tends to be otherwise in the daylight period. It can be concluded that there were differences in ingestive and resting behavior of the garut sheep between daylight and night time feeding management, both fed with mung bean sprouts waste and grass
dc.publisherGadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesiaid
dc.subject.ddcAnimal husbandryid
dc.titleBehavior of Garut Sheep Fed with Mung Bean Sprouts Waste and Grass Diets and Night Feeding Managementid
dc.subject.keywordGarut sheepid
dc.subject.keywordMung bean sprouts wasteid
dc.subject.keywordFeeding managementid

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