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dc.contributor.authorKarti, Panca D. M. H.
dc.contributor.authorD.A. Astuti
dc.contributor.authorA.M. Fuah
dc.contributor.authorM. Baihaqi
dc.description.abstractThis research was aimed to evaluate the nutritional quality of complete feed of Indigo/era zollingeriana and Sorghumbicolor at different proportion of Torbangun leaves (Coleus amboinicus lour). Experimental design of this research was randomized block design with three levels and three replicates. The firs.t treatment (CO) contained complete feed with Indigo/era zollingeriana and Sorghum bico/or ration 40:60, the second and third treatment were complete feed (PO) plus 2.5% (Cl} and 5% (C2) of Torbangun leaves supplementation. Parameters measured of this research were proximate analysis such as dry matter, ash, organic matter, crude fiber, crude protein, fat, carbohydrate, BeTN and fiber fraction such as ADF, NDF, sellulose, hemisellulose and lignin, and consumption of dry matter and crude protein, rasio milk production with dry matter consumption and rasio milk production with protein consumption. The result showed that nutritional quality of complete feed from forage for dairy goats already appropriate from requirements of goats according to NRC (2005). Protein and dry matter consumption from C2 significantly (P<O.O I) lower than other treatments, but the production of milk is
dc.subject.ddcAnimal husbandryid
dc.titleNutritional Quality and Milk Production of Complete Feed from Forage for Dairy Goatsid
dc.subject.keywordIndigofera zollingerianaid
dc.subject.keywordShorgum bicolorid
dc.subject.keywordColeus ambonoicusid
dc.subject.keywordmilk goatid
dc.subject.keywordnutritional qualityid

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