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dc.contributor.authorBaihaqi, Mohamad
dc.contributor.authorWidaningsih, Euis
dc.contributor.authorFuah, Asnath M.
dc.description.abstractThis study was conducted in sand post-mining area that reclaimed for raising dairy goats. The study investigated effects of concentrate supplementation on milk production and its composition. Fifteen Etawah Grade does in lactation two and lactation three were randomly allocated into two groups. Each group was treated by differences type offeed supplementation (Pl =forage/control, P2 = forage and food industry waste). The forage that offered to animals consists of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), Calliandra calothyrsus and Glirycidia sepium. Treatment P2 was supplemented with 1,4 kg of soybean skin (CP= 26,79%) and O,(i kg of tofu waste (CP = 24,71 %). Individual milk production was recorded daily, and milk samples were collected once every 2 weeks for the 8 weeks period and analyzed for density, fat, protein, lactose, and milk dry matter. Data of milk production and composition were analyzed using t test. Milk production, lactose and milk density of does was similar for each treatment although does was suplemented by concentrate (P>0.05). Meanwhile the dry matter of milk was very significant higher (P<0,01) in P2 than Pl, while protein content and fat in milk of P2 was significant (P<0,05). It can be concluded that the addition of supplemental feed will improve the quality of goat milk that reared on mined land
dc.subject.ddcAnimal husbandryid
dc.titleInfluence of Diets on Milk Production and Composition of Etawah Grade Does Reared in Mined Land Reclamationid
dc.subject.keywordLand Reclamationid
dc.subject.keywordDairy Goatid
dc.subject.keywordMilk Productionid
dc.subject.keywordMilk Qualityid

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