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dc.contributor.authorA. Winaya
dc.contributor.authorR.E. Gurnadi
dc.contributor.authorA. Saefuddin
dc.description.abstractThe genetic composition of cattle in the world generally tends to two dominated breeds, Bos taurus (European cattle) and Bos indicus (Asian cattle). From morphological phenotype could be differed by hump for Asian cattle and humpless for European cattle. Molecular study indicated that any alleles or haplotypes which tend to those dichotomy. Similar condition in Indonesian cattle, including Aceh and Pesisir cattle, previous study showed that any indication introduction of Taurine and lndicine breeds in those cattle, while in the other hand Indonesian native cattle is descendent from the one of common ancestor cattle in the world, Banteng. For advancing study in genetic introduction of other breeds in Aceh and Pesisir cattle, we assayed those Sumatra's breeds by using molecular marker of Ychromosome microsatellite. The using of Y-chromosome marker by assumption could be a model for detection of male introduction in breed. From this research showed that all of locus have low allele number, both in Aceh and Pesisir cattle. Also from Polymorphic Information Content (PJC) value, this marker has lower value (less 0.5) than F AO recomended. But, in these result indicated that B. indicus is the one of the genetic composition of Aceh and Pesisir cattle. Because locus INRA 124 was could amplification in those breeds and these locus also the one of B. indicus specific
dc.publisherFaculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural Universityid
dc.subject.ddcAnimal husbandryid
dc.titleContributions of Bos Indicus Breed to Genetic Diversity of Sumatra Native Cattle Based on Y-Chromosome Microsatellite Markerid
dc.subject.keywordBos iaurusid
dc.subject.keywordBos indicusid
dc.subject.keywordBos javanicusid
dc.subject.keywordY-chromosome microsatelliteid
dc.subject.keywordAceh cattleid
dc.subject.keywordpesisir cattleid

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