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dc.contributor.authorAfandi, Toni
dc.contributor.authorKusuma, Wisnu Ananta
dc.contributor.authorSudjana, }anti G.
dc.description.abstractLibrary catalogue is challmged l?J the development of 1veb technology that produce search engines dan also has change 11sers' interaction 1vith itiformation in this Web 2.0 environ1ent. Users expect to patticipate andCOitaborate in the creation of itifon11ation. This stutfy aims to create a prototype of next generation OPAC 1vhich 1vill 11se users' cont1ib11tion as an enn.ch111ent to OPAC Users can contribute infarmation to existing bibliographic record with taggin!J; rating and co1nment. JJrototype war created 11sing Dr11pal 7 and tested 11sing Black Box n1ethod Testing results shows that this prototype can fuftll all functional requirements.en
dc.publisherPerpustakaan Pusat IPB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol 13;No 1 (2014)
dc.titlePerancangan Next Generation Opac Berbasis Library 2.0 (Next Generation Opac Design Based On Library 2.0)en
dc.subject.keywordnext generation OPACen
dc.subject.keywordWeb 2.0en
dc.subject.keywordLibrary 2.0en

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