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    • An Extended ID3 Decision Tree Algorithm for Spatial Data 

      Sitanggang, Imas Sukaesih | Yaakob, Razali | Mustaph, Norwati | Nuruddin, Ahmad Ainuddin B (2011)
      Ulilizing data mining tasks such as classification on spatial data is more complex than those on non-spatial data. It is because spatial data mining algorithms have to consider not only objects or interest Itself but also ...
    • Modeling Forest Fires Risk using Spatial Decision Tree 

      Yaakob, Razali | Mustapha, Norwati | Nuruddin, Ahmad Ainuddin B | Sitanggang, lmas Sukaesih (2013)
      Forest firts ban long been annual eve nts in many parts or Sumatra Indonesia during the dry season. Riau Province is one of the regions in Sumatra where forl'SI fires seriously occur every year mostly because of human ...