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    • Correlation of Browning Intensity and Antioxidant Activity in Dendeng 

      T. Suryati | M. Astawan | H.N. Lioe | T. Wresdiyati (2014)
      Browning is the phenomenon occured in dendeng making as a result of non-enzymatic browning process known as Maillard reaction. The objective of this research was to study the correlation of non-enzymatic browning intensity ...
    • Protein Quality of Fermented Beef by Lactobacillus plantarum 1B1 

      I. I. Arief | R.R.A. Maheswari | T. Suryati | N. Kurniawati (2012)
      This study was conducted to investigate the proteolytic activity and protein characteristics of fermented beef. The effect of different mechanical treatments on beef, (sliced and ground beef) was compared. The contents of ...