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dc.contributor.authorAsmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
dc.contributor.authorRachmina, Dwi, Feryanto
dc.description.abstractIncreased demand for cow milk nationally, has not been able to fulfill dairy farmers. As much as 70-75 percent of national needs met from imports. The low level of productivity of dairy farmers and dairy cow ownership on average 1-3 fish per farmer, as well as the marketing structure that leads to oligopsoni or monopsony causing farmers not growing. The aims of this study is to look at the feasibility and marketing efforts dairy farm folk. The results showed that people venture viable dairy farm, but not efficient, especially the scale of ownership three cows. Increasing the scale shown to increase farmer profits. Loans did not help the dairy cattle business, because the harm. Marketing channels showed that the structure of the dairy market leads to a monopsony, where the buyer primarily Milk Processing Industry (IPS).en
dc.publisherDepartemen Agribisnis, FEM-IPB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesProsiding PUD AGB 2012;page 41-60
dc.subjectDairy Farmen
dc.subjectSapi Perah Rakyaten
dc.titleANALISIS KELAYAKAN USAHATERNAK SAPI PERAH RAKYAT DAN PEMASARAN SUSU DI JAWA TIMUR (Studi Kasus Peternakan Sapi Perah di Kecamatan Pujon Malang-Jawa Timur)en

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