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dc.contributor.authorHaskari, Farry Apriliano
dc.contributor.authorHerodian, Sam
dc.contributor.authorSaulia, Lenny
dc.description.abstractSugar mill is part of sugar industry represent a dynamic work system which occupies machine and human labour. The good scheme ergonomic covers the micro and macro ergonomics to improve productivity of work system. This research was conduct in order to learn and determine the macro and micro parameter of ergonomics at the work system in sugar mill. The determination of these parameters was applied application in scheme model of micro and macro ergonomic factors to improve work system productivity. The illumination, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, and operator perceptions was measured as data input for modelling system using artificial neural network. As the result, the optimum productivity level in PG Bungamayang may reachable if combination of macro and micro ergonomic factors for the illumination 12667.99 lux, temperature 28.88 C, humidity 86.92%, noise 91.6 dB, vibration 2.8 m/s2 and very care to organizational work system of the operator perception level with the predicted productivity level equal to 1882.95 ton cane/shift, and in PG Jatitujuh may reachable if illumination 6667.85 lux, temperature 28.41 C, humidity 49.44%, noise 64.8 dB, vibration 1.31 m/s2 and very care to organizationa; work system of teh operator perception level, with the predicted productivity level equal to 1619.29 ton cane/shift.en
dc.publisherInstitut Pertanian Bogor
dc.subjectMacro ergonomicen
dc.subjectwork systemen
dc.titleScheme Model The MAcro Ergonomics Factor To Work System In Sugar Mill Productivityen
dc.title.alternativeProsiding Seminar Nasional Mekanisasi Pertanian 2010en

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