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Kebutuhan Makanan Banteng Liar (Bos Javanicus D'Alton)

dc.contributor.authorSastradipradja, D.
dc.contributor.authorAlikodra, H.S.
dc.description.abstractNutrient requirement were estimated on 12 male and female captive wild banteng weighting from 189 to 425 kg fed mixed grassed. DM intake relates to bodyweight according to equation, Y= -2.8675 + 0.0325 X (r=0.876). Daily TDN and minimum protein requirements were 2.81-8.35 kg and 188-850 g. respectively.en
dc.publisherFKH IPB
dc.titleNutrient requirement of the wild banteng (Bos javanicus D'alton)en
dc.titleKebutuhan Makanan Banteng Liar (Bos Javanicus D'Alton)id
dc.title.alternativeMedia Veteriner Vol 5, No. 1, Th. 1985en

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