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Kajian Imunohistokimia Terhadap Distribusi Dan Frekuensi Sel-sel Endokrin Pada Lambung Kelelawar Pemakan Serangga, Scotophilus Kuhlii

dc.contributor.authorNisa, Chairun
dc.contributor.authorAgungpriyono, Srihadi
dc.contributor.authorSigit, Koeswinarning
dc.contributor.authorSuyanto, Agustinus
dc.contributor.authorKitamura, Nobuo
dc.contributor.authorYamada, Junzo
dc.description.abstractThe distribution and frequency of gut endocrine cells in the stomach of insectivorous vespertilionid bat (Scotophilus kuhlii) were studied by specific immunohistochemical technique, the avidin-biotin peroxidase complex (ABC) method according to Hsu et al. (1981), using seven kinds of antisera: chromogranin, serotonin, somatostatin, gastrin, bovine pancreatic polypeptide (BPP), subtance-P and glucagon. Cells immunoreactive for chromogranin, serotinin and BPP were found in all glandular portion of the stomach, the cardiac, proper gastric and pyloric glands regions. The number of chromogranin immunoreactive cells varied from a few to numerous, serotonin immunoreactive cells were from a few to moderate while those of BPP immunoreactive cells were rare to moderate. Moderate to numerous numbers of cells immunoreactive to gastrin and subtance-P were confined only to the pyloric gland region, while a few to moderate number of cells immunoreactive to somatostatin were distributed in the proper gastric and pyloric glands regions. Moderate number of glucagon immunoreactive cells were confined only the in the proper gastric gland region. The endocrine cells were open and closed types with or without basal cytoplasmic process and variation in their shapes: round, oval, pyramidal and spindle shapes. The distribution pattern of endocrine cells in S. kuhlii was almost similiar to those of other mammals so far reported. However, special attention should be noted on the absence of endocrine cells immunoreactive to somatostatin in the cardiac gland region and the presence of BPP immunoreactive cells in all portion of the stomach glands and endocrine cells immunoreactivev to subtance P in the pyloric gland region of S.kuhlii. These findings might suggest to be related with the digestive function of the stomach of this animal species.en
dc.subjectendocrine cellsen
dc.subjectinsectivorous baten
dc.titleImmunohistochemical Study On The Distribution And Frequency Of Gut Endocrine Cells In The Stomach Of Insectivorous Vespertilionid Bat, Scotophilus Kuhliien
dc.titleKajian Imunohistokimia Terhadap Distribusi Dan Frekuensi Sel-sel Endokrin Pada Lambung Kelelawar Pemakan Serangga, Scotophilus Kuhliiid-ID
dc.title.alternativeMedia Veteriner Vol 7, No. 4, Th. 2000en

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