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dc.contributor.authorDarmawati, Emmy
dc.contributor.authorKusniati, Deti
dc.description.abstractPost harvest handling of avocado in Indonesia usually are still done with less carefull during harvesting, packaging, transportation, and storage can lead to mechanical, physiological, chemical, and microbiological damage. Mechanical damage during the distribution process of fruits due to impact between fruit inside the packaging, the impact of the fruit with a wall packaging, as well as the excess pressure due to pile in one package. The use of corrugated box packaging by giving insulation between the fruit and ventilation holes are expected to reduce mechanical damage and changes in avocado fruit quality such as shrinkage weight, hardness, total soluble solids, and physical damage during storage. This research was done to investigate four packaging types : packaging without ventilation, circle type ventilation, oblong type, insulation type; and two treatment of storage temperature of room temperature and 8 0C temperature.The testing result in the temperature distribution on the packaging indicates that the packaging with oblong ventilation type most quickly reach the expected storage temperature. The transport simulation results of the which was equivalent with 184.82 miles in the road out of town or approximately 3:08 hours for trucks with speed of 60 km / h shows the level of fruits mechanical damage in 0% on all packaging. Although the package with oblong ventilation is better in distribution temperature, but overall, the decreasing quality of avocado in circle ventilation package is slower than the other packages. Due to, the best package to be distributed the avocado is package with circle ventilation in temperature of 8 oC.en
dc.titleRancangan Kemasan Berbasis Individu Buah Alpukat Untuk Distribusi Dan Penyimpanan Dinginen

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