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    • Kajian Ekologis Rafflesia Patma Blume di Cagar Alam Leuweung Sancang Jawa Barat 

      Priatna, Dadang R. | Zuhud, Ervizal A. M. | Alikodra, Hadi S. (1989)
      Rafflesia parma Blume is one of the 12 Rafflesia spp. found in Indonesia which has an attractive and relatively big flower and a unique life. As a holoparasite, this astonishing plant is particularly dependent on the ...
    • Masalah Pelestarian Jalak Bali 

      Alikodra, Hadi S. (2010)
      During the times of the census 1974 - 1981 the Bali mynah population steadily increased, but from 1983 - 1986 it has steadily decreased. At present the population of the Bali mynah is declining at an alarming rate, so it ...