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dc.contributor.authorSukmawati, Anggraini
dc.contributor.authorDewi, Farida R.
dc.contributor.authorDjuraidah, Anik
dc.contributor.authorCyrilla, Lucia
dc.description.abstractThe current issue on Cooperatives development in Indonesia is the importance of strengthening the capabilities and competitiveness as the main domestic supplier to the heavy reliance on imports could be reduced so that the national food sovereignty can be realized. The study identified knowledge-gap at the board and employees of cooperatives and designed a knowledge based performance evaluation model of Dairy Cooperatives was conducted by using Balanced Scorecard technique. The results of knowledge-gap analysis was that of the 7 variables that were examined that have the largest gap was the shared vision (0.512). The identification result of indicators of each dimension that affects the performance of dairy cooperatives obtained of elaboration of the literature study, field observation and survey experts. The study concludes by distributing nine key performance indicators (KPI) on the financial perspective (30%), the customer's perspective (20%), internal business process perspective (10%), growth and learning (30%). At the level of alternatives, the priority of the financial perspective KPI's was the level of sales growth (39.1 %), in the customer perspective was the selling price indicator (61.0%). While the internal business process perspective was a scale business and the perspective of learning growth was an indicator of the level of employee capability (35.5%) and the level of employee knowledge gaps (35.5%). The knowledge-based strategy model was expected to provide a closer representation of the real condition of dairy cooperativesen
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.subjectBalanced score card, dairy cooperatives, knowledge gap, key performance indicatorsen
dc.titleRancang Bangun Model Evaluasi Kinerja Berbasis Pengetahuan Pada Koperasi Susu Untuk Mendukung Kedaulatan Pangan Nasional (the Design of Performance Evaluation Model Based on Knowledge at Dairy Cooperative to Support National Food Sovereignty)en
dc.title.alternativeProsiding Seminar Hasil- Hasil Penelitian IPB 2009 Bidang Sosial dan Ekonomien

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