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dc.contributor.authorFajar, Mohammad
dc.contributor.authorNakanishi, Tsuneo
dc.contributor.authorTagashira, Shigeaki
dc.contributor.authorFukuda, Akira
dc.description.abstractWireless sensor/actuator networks (WSANs) is one of promising technologies in agriculture domain, since WSANs achieve significant simplification in wiring and reduction of maintenance complexity and costs. So far, researchers have presented various WSAN based applications in agriculture domain such as farm control and monitoring, precision irrigation, traceability management, etc. However, these applications are constructed one by one without considering integration and sharing of their software components. But, each farm cultivates different crops under different circumstance. Therefore, in this paper, we perform feature modeling to analyzing commonality and variability among the applications in terms of their features and visualize analyzed commonality and variability in a tree-form diagram. The feature model provides a comprehensive view of the WSAN based agriculture system and helps agriculture domain experts and software engineers communicate intuitively. Moreover, the feature model will be useful for software engineers to pre- design software architecture and reusable components shared by the WSAN based agriculture
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titleIntroducing Software Product Line Development for Wireless Sensor/Actuator Network Based Agriculture Systemsid
dc.title.alternativeRemote Sensing and GIS Applications For Agriculture and Precision Farmingid
dc.title.alternativeAFITA 2010 International Conference, The Quality Information for Competitive Agricultural Based Production System and Commerceid

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