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dc.contributor.authorDamayanthi, Evi
dc.contributor.authorDamanik, Rizal
dc.contributor.authorWarsiki, Endang
dc.description.abstractTorbangun soup is traditionally consumed by Bataknese women after bearing a iild and ;s believed it can increase theirs breast milk. The objective ofthis study was to rvestigate the effects ofvitamin antioxidants addition on preserved Torbangun soup and so retention. Torbangun soup was made using coconut extract and packed with top sealed 'astic cup. The antioxidants concentration used was 20.000 IU vitamin Alkg soup. 1000 g of vitamin Clkg soup (0.1%), 300 mg of vitamin Elkg soup (0,03%), and 200 mg HTlkg soup (0,02%). The antioxidants were given in the cooking process and the ~terioration of lipid at soup was identified with chemical test [pH, Titrable Acidity, ~roxide Value (PV), Thiobarbituric Acids (TBA), vitamin (A, C, and E)}, microbiological s [Total Plate Count (TPC)), and organoleptic test. The result ofpH, titrable acidity, P!~ [lA, TPC, and organoleptic tests showed that the deterioration ofTorbangun soup could 'event until 48 hours after adding antioxidant vitamin A, C, E compared with concrol hich is onzv preve~ted maximum until 6 hours. Retention test ofvitamin A, C and E is easuring vitilmin .>tacility· in soup during cooking and storage. Vitamin A and E have 'eater damage during cooking process than storage as high temperature usage. "Jrbangun soup with vitamin C has a great retention during processing ard 48 Iwurs orage. Oxidation rate during heat processing with heat is higher than storage. ey Words.' Torbangun soup, antioxidant, vitamin, retention, deteriorationid
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titlePenundaan Kerusakan oleh Antioksidan Vitamin dan Retensinya pada Sayur Torbangun (Coleus Amboinicus Lour) Awetid
dc.title.alternativeProsiding Seminar Nasional dan Kongres PATPI 2008: Penerapan Ilmu dan Teknologi untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas dan Ketahanan Pangan dalam Memperluas Akses Pasarid

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