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    • Haemagglutination activities of Streptococcus equi SUBSP. zooepidemicus in pig's blood 

      Utama, Iwan Harjono | Berata, I Ketut | Suarjana, I Gusti Ketut | Besung, I Nengah Kerta | Wahyuni, Agnes Endang Tri Hastuti | Estuningsih, Sri | Pasaribu, Fachriyan Hasmi (1999)
      Sixteen isolates of group C streptococci taken during outbreak in pigs and monkeys in Bali were examined for their haemaglutination activities using 2% erythrocyte suspension from pigs. Five isolates (31,25%) showed very ...
    • Hemaglutination Activities of Streptococcus agalactiae Isolates on The Animal and Human Erythrocytes 

      Harjono, Iwan | Kendran, Anak Agung Sagung | Wibawan, I Wayan Teguh | Pasaribu, Fachriyan Hasmi | Wahyuni, Agnes Endang Tri Hastuti (2000)
      Hemagglutination activities and phenotypic expressions of fifty-five S. agalactiae isolates consisted of 19 standard and 36 field isolates from subclinical mastitis cattle were observed. Five (eighteen); 3 (4); 2 (7); 1 ...