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dc.contributor.authorMunawaroh E.
dc.contributor.authorInggit P.A.
dc.contributor.authorHidayat, S.
dc.description.abstractKuta (Piper amboinensis (Miq.) C.DC.) belongs to Piperaceae family wich has important role in of Sumba people, East Nusa Tenggara. A research was conducted in November 1997, by participation method. Data were collected by interviews and field observation. A.literature study was also done to get secondary data. The data including botany, soeioeconomy,and its conservation. The resuIs shows that kuta is an important plant for daily life of Surnba tribe. The utilization of kuta including medicinal plant, 'sirih-eathing habit, and as part of ritual tradition ritual. The socio-economy aspect and its conservation are present in this paperid
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titleThe Potential Kuta (Piper amboinensis(Miq.)C.DC.) and Its Conservation in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggaraid
dc.title.alternativeProsiding I Seminar Hasil-Hasil Penelitian Bidang Ilmu Hayat

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