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dc.contributor.authorFakuara, Yahya
dc.contributor.authorPrematuri, Ricksy
dc.description.abstractApplication of forestry biotechnology in the field of microorganism utilization is very necessary in dealing with the condition of marginal land. This effort is needed in increasing seedling growth rate in the field and improving soil condition. The presence of VA Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium on the growth of Forestry plant is very important in marginal land. The main objective of this research was to test of inoculation effect of VA Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium on the growth of Acacia mangium, Paraserianthes falcataria in nursery. A. mangium,,and P. falcataria seedlings were inoculation with VA Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium. The VA Mycorrhiza fungi which were used Gigaspora margarita and Glomus etunicatum, whereas for bacteria of Rhizobium were NA 1533, NA 8817, NA 8818, NA 8878 on A. mangium and 1, PFWT 2 on P. Falcataria. As an additional treatment were giving of TSP fertilizer and wiehout fertilization. The research was. designed in spl-it-split plot with completely random design. As main plot was Rhizobium, sub plot was VA Mycorrhiza and fertilization as sub-sub plot. The variables on responds which were "measured, height, diameter, biomass, number of root nodule and percentage of mycorrhiza
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titleEffectivity Test of VA Mycorhiza and Rhizobium on The Growth of Acacia mangium, Parasianthes falcatariar in Nurseryid
dc.title.alternativeProsiding Seminar Bioteknologi Perkebunan dan Lokakarya Biopolimer untuk Industri

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