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dc.contributor.authorWitono, Joko R.
dc.description.abstractThe world is consist of about 600 species of rattans (13 genera), 297 species of them (9 genera) native to Indonesia. Rattans exploitation, shifting cultivation, and forest clearing make in-situ and ex-sltu c~nservationh as become urgent to cmservi: Izclonesian rattans. The Bogor Botanic Garden is an ex-situ conservation facilities that has an important role in conservation of Indonesian rattans. The Bogor Botanic Garden at present has 47 rattans species (5 genera), of which 37 species were identified up to species level while 16 specimens were identified at genera level. The Bogor Botanic Garden conducted rattans exploration, seed exchange, and cooperate with another institution to developing its rattans
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agriculture University)
dc.subjectProsiding I Seminar Hasil - Hasil Penelitian Bidang Ilmu Hayat
dc.titleKonservasi Rotan Indonesia di Kebun Raya Bogorid
dc.title.alternativeProsiding II Seminar Hasil-Hasil Penelitian Bidang Ilmu Hayat

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