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dc.contributor.authorMunif, Abdul
dc.contributor.authorZaffan, Zuhay Ratuz
dc.contributor.authorSoekarno, Donny Pw
dc.description.abstractResearch on Dark Septate Endophytic (DSE) fungi in Indonesia is still limited. Therefore, efforts should be made: to investigate the potential of indigenous DSE fungi from Indonesia that can be used as a biological control. The isolation of DSE fungi from tomato root samples was performed using direct isolation and soil baiting methods. Tomato root samples were obtained from tomato farms in Cisarua, Citeupuh, Cianjur, Sukabum..i. and Garut, \X;est Java. The soil baiting method was conducted using organic forest soil and cabbage farm soil to grow the tomato plants. D5E funb>1 from those tomato roots were isolated. The best DSE fungi isolates was selected using in-vitro treatments by conducting pathogenicity test of DSE fu ngal candidates to tomato plant, hemolytic reaction test of selected DSE fungi,antagonistic test to F. o:xysporum f.sp. b'ropersicii, and metabolite test of volatile compound. There were 49 DSE fungal candidates isolated from romato root samples. The pathogenicity test showed that 20 nSF. fnngal isolates had ability to promote tomato st:td gcnuilmtiun Ly 97%-100"/0. Hemolytic reaction test of 20 DSE fungal isolateS using blood agar showed that all isolates were negative. Antagonistic test performed on DSE fungal isolate DS08 ic and D508 ib showed a significant different ability to inhibit F. o..,.yporom Esp. &ropmicii with percentage of inhibitory zone of 76.11 % and 71.07%, respectively. The results of metabolite test showed that the highest volatile compound was obtained by 0 508 ib (23.70%). followed by DS06 iib (22.96%) and DS06 iiia (22.96%). This research indicated that DSE fungi isolates from tomato roots can be used as Indonesia's indigenous dark septate endophyte fungi in suppressing Fusani(m witl
dc.subject.ddcEndopytic Fungiid
dc.titlePotential Of Indonesia's Indigenous Dark Septate Endophytic Fungi To Control Fusarium Wilt In Vitroid
dc.subject.keywordDark septate endoph}'tic fungiid
dc.subject.keyworddual cultureid
dc.subject.keywordFusarium oxysporum wiltid

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