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dc.contributor.advisorAsmoro, Prayogo Probo
dc.contributor.authorHerliyana, Ells Nina
dc.contributor.authorMunif, Abdul
dc.contributor.authorHerdiyen, Yeni
dc.description.abstractJaban (Anlhocp}Ja/tll sp.) is the one of the most economicaUy forestry crops. Jabon has several advantages compared to other woody plants. Among benefil3 of jabon include a very straight stem, has rapid gro~ and has a self.-deceased branch (sclf-pruning), so it does not require pruning. !-lo\\-"Cver, the development of jabon seeds faces obstacles in the form of pathogenic infection causing leaf disease on the seeds of red jabon in the nurscry. Information related to the causes of leaf spots disease and its pathogenie spnptoms has not been studied, whieh hinders the determina tion of the disease. Objectives of this research were to inventory the types of leaf spot s}rmproms and identify the pathogenic fungi causing the symptoms. Reswts of isolation and identification of padlOgenic fungi showed six genus of pathogenic fungi i.e. Pesta/olio sp. (from Yogyakact.'l, Maluku and Bogor), &tryodip/odia sp. (from Yogyakarta), Clln'1lUJria sp. (Kuningan and Bogor), RhiZfXltmia sp. (Cianjur and Maluku), Colktolrichum sp. (Bogor), and Bntrytis sp. (Bogm).id
dc.titleInventory And Identification Of Fungus Causative Leaf Spot In Labon (Anthocephalus sp.) In Indonesiaid
dc.subject.keywordDisease symptomsisolarionid
dc.subject.keywordforest plantid
dc.subject.keywordfungal pathogenid

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