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dc.contributor.authorMunif, Abdul
dc.contributor.authorEris, Deden Dewantara
dc.contributor.authorOktafiyanto, Muhammad Firdaus
dc.description.abstractrv[angrove fo rest plays an important role as a buffer area of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, reduces abrasion by sea water, provides food and nutrients for several species of marine animals, and becomes source of microbes, including endophytic bacteria. The current decline in mangrove land area greatly affects the habitat of endophytic microbes that live in these plants. T he objective of this research was to stud), the diversity and pot(c:ntialit)' of endophytic bacteria form 2 genera of tnangrovcs,Avicmnia sp. and Rhi~pbom sp. as biocontrol agent and plant growth promoters. Samples of plant were taken from four differcnt coastal areas of mangrove namely Jakarta, Tndramayu-W'cst Jaya, Yogyakarta, and BanyuwangiEa:> t Java. Bacterial cndophytcs were isolated from the aerial roots of plant by surface sterilization method using natrium hypochlorite and alcohol, to be further cultured on three different types of growing media, Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), Nutrient Agar (NA), Kings 'B (KE) medium. The results showed that more than 769 isolates of endophytic bacteria were obtained from four areas of mangrove plants. A total of 542 endophytic bacterial isolates (70%1 of 769 isolates) showed negative reaction after hemolysis test and 403 bacterial isolates (74% of 542 isolates) showed negative reaction after hypersensitive test. After screening lcst, a total of 13 selected isolates of endophytic bacteria were identihl--<1 fot their potcntiality as biocontrol ageIlls againsl planl pUlhogenic fungi Pllj/op})//;OTa fl)iownae wlut:r iu vitro tt:;
dc.subject.ddcBiocontrol Activityid
dc.subject.ddcPlant Protectionid
dc.titleExploration Of Endophytic Bacteria From Mangrove In Java And The Biocontrol Activily Against Fungal Pathogen Phytophthora Colocasiaeid
dc.subject.keywordendophytic bacteriaid

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