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dc.contributor.authorMunif, Abdul
dc.contributor.authorEris, Deden Dewantara
dc.description.abstractQuinine plant (Cinchona ledgeriana) is widely used in the industrial and pharmaceutical world because these plants contain high alkaloid compounds. In 1950, Szkolnik reported some nematodes that infect this plant in India and Java. Furthermore, in 1977, Koch also reported the development of nematode genus which associated with this plant. Since 1977 up to now there has been no update information about nematodes in quinine plant, especially in Indonesia. This study aimed to obtain information about nematode genus contained in rhizosphere and roots of quinine plants at the Gambung quinine field area, West Java, Indonesia. A total of 10 samples of rhizosphere soil and roots of quinine plants extracted from a depth of 10 cm. Nematodes in soil samples were extracted using centrifugation- floatation methods, and nematodes in root samples were extracted using a mist chamber. The absolute population density and the frequency distribution were calculated from the successfully extracted nematodes. The results showed that plant parasitic nematodes in the rhizosphere of quinine plants are Helicotylenchus sp., Hoplolaimus sp., Meloidogyne sp., Pratylenchus sp., Radopholus sp., Tylenchus sp., and Xiphinema sp. In the quinine plant roots, there were 6 species of plant parasitic nematodes ie, Aphelenchoides sp., Helicotylenchus sp., Meloidogyne sp., Pratylenchus sp., Radopholus sp., and Tylenchus sp. Nematode of Xiphinema sp., Helicotylenchus sp., Meloidogyne sp., Pratylenchus sp., and Radopholus sp. has 100% distribution in quinine
dc.publisherUnit Kajian Pengendalian Hama Terpadu Departemen Proteksi Tanaman Fakultas Pertanian IPBid
dc.subject.ddcPlant Protectionid
dc.titleKeragaman Nematoda Parasit Tanaman pada Rizofer dan Akar Kina (Cinchona ledgeriana) di Gambung, Indonesiaid
dc.title.alternative(Diversity of Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Rhizosphere and Root of Quinine (Cinchona ledgeriana) at Gambung, Indonesia)id
dc.subject.keywordfree-living nematodesid

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