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Title: Gambaran Histopatologi Sinus Hidung dan Paru-paru Tikus Putih ( R(/ I Ius non-cgicus) Pasca Pem berian Aromaterapi Min yak A tsiri Jahe (Zingihcr o!Jicinole)
Authors: Harlina, Eva
"Sa'diah, Siti
Anggraeni, Risna
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The aim of this research was to know the effect of ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale) administration to nasal sinuses and lungs of white rats (Rattus norvegicus) histopathology. Six rats were assumed has healthy respiratory tracts divided into two groups. The treatment group were treated by ginger essential oil via inhalation for 5 weeks where the control group were not. The histopathological study of rat nasal sinuses showed acute suppurative sinusitis and those lungs showed interstitial pneumonia. Based on histopathological changes, can be concluded that the ginger essential oil does not repair any damage on rat nasal sinuses and lungs.
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