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Authors: Herdiyansyah, Rikky
Nurmalina, Rita
Asmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2015
Publisher: Departemen Agribisnis, FEM - IPB
Series/Report no.: Prosiding Seminar Nasional (Kristalisasi Paradigma Agribisnis dalam Pembangunan Ekonomi dan Pendidikan Tinggi);Halaman 545 -562
Abstract: The estate is the mainstay of the economy of Indonesia because of domestic resource-based and export-oriented. Rubber, one of the leading plantation commodities in Indonesia that became the second largest producer in the world. One of the producers who cultivate natural rubber are especially the Tebo Regency of Jambi get help government programs in the rejuvenation of the rubber. However, in the rubber market is inseparable from the determination of the price of rubber. Rubber prices are fluctuating on a global level, but will not affect the selling price of rubber at a level so that farmers can feel the impact of rising rubber price levels of the world. FSCN measuring system of supply chain and supply chain performance. Results of the research showed there were four marketing channels involving rubber farmers, traders village and subdistrict, wholesalers, auction markets, factories and SDO. Supply chain system there is only one cycle of business process in the supply chain of rubber in the Regency of Jambi Province Tebo i.e. procurement cycles, gatherers acted as distributors and rubber farmers act as rubber processing of latex into rubber pads. Bargaining power of farmer-owned rubber traders in proportion to the gatherers. It is apparent from the determination of the sale price of products that are specified and agreed with both parties. It is different with fresh strength – large merchants have bargaining positions higher than the bargain trader Gatherer village or subdistrict. Meanwhile, the performance of the most optimal supply chain resides on the fourth channel which uses a method of SDO with most small marketing fee of $ 2000 and most of the profit value of Rp 3725,73.
ISBN: 978-602-14623-3-1
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