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Title: Evaluation Of Leukocyte Profile In Piglet (Sus Scrofa) During The Recruitment Maneuver On Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Model
Authors: Siswandi, Riki
Muqaddam, Hanifah Arief
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This study evaluated the recruitment maneuvers effectiveness in piglet as model for pediatric acute lung injury (PALI). Leukocyte differentiations were observed as parameter. Six piglets in 5-8 kg weight range were divided in two groups. Three piglets as the first group without chest bandaging (A) and three piglets as the second group with chest bandaging (B). Chest bandaging in B group used as model for undeveloped diaphragm in infants. Recruitment maneuver was performed after induced acute lung injury by lavaging warm saline into lung parenchymal. Samples were taken at screening stage and postrecruitment maneuver within 95% confidence level. The results showed non-significant increase of the percentage of neutrophils and non-significant decreases of the total leukocytes, percentage of eosinophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes in both treatment groups. The increase and decrease level was bigger in the chest bandaging group.
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