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Title: Analisis Pendapatan Petani Bayam di Desa Ciaruteun Ilir Kecamatan Cibungbulang Kabupaten Bogor Jawa Barat
Authors: Fariyanti, Anna
Dewi, Pratica
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Spinach is known as The King of Vegetables and loved by the whole society. The purpose of this research is to analyze spinach farmer’s income, level of farm efficiency, return to labor and return to capital. The data were analyzed using descriptive methods, farmer’s income analysis, and R/C ratio. The result showed that income of large farmers were greater than small farmers in dry and rainy last cropping season. Meanwhile, the income of small farmers and large farmers in the rainy season was higher than in the dry season because of the high price of spinach. R/C ratio of spinach farming was greater than one. The R/C ratio indicates that spinach farming were efficient. From the return to labor and return to capital can be concluded that options for the farmers who grew the spinach in Ciaruteun Ilir Village was right.
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