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Title: Pemasaran Bawang Daun Desa Alamendah, Kecamatan Rancabali, Kabupaten Bandung
Authors: Asmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
Alawiyah, Tuti
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Allium fistulosum known as spring onion is horticultural crops that have economic value and has many benefits, which is as a food seasoning and cure for several diseases. The fluctuating price of spring onion and high marketing margin make the farmer’s share value had not been efficient. Therefore, the research of efficiency in spring onion marketing is needed in order to provide spring onion marketing comprehensively. The objectives of this research were (1) to identify the marketing channels, institutions and functions of spring onion marketing, and (2) to analyze the efficiency of spring onion marketing with marketing margin approach, farmer’s share, benefit-cost ratio. The observations and interviews were conducted to farmers in Alamendah village by purposive sampling method, while for marketing institution performed by following the existing marketing channels. The result showed that were 4 marketing channels with different institutions, functions, and market structure on every channel. The first marketing channel is a channel which is relatively more efficient than the other channels. The first channel has a low percentage of total margin (41,1%), high percentage of farmer’s share (58,9%), and low of ratio of benefits and cost (0,82). The fourth channel was complex because involves cooperation and supermarket as well as a type of spring onion and different market segment.
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