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Title: Strategi Pemasaran Sayuran Pada PD Pacet Segar, Kabupaten Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Authors: Asmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
Hamidah, Santika
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: PD Pacet Segar is a vegetables company which is involved in the production and marketing of vegetables. The objective of this study was to analyze the marketing strategy that had been carried out by PD Pacet Segar and to formulate marketing strategy priorities that can be run by the company to survive in the competition as well as to increase sales profits. The data processing in this study used two analytical methods: descriptive analysis and analytical hierarchical process. The study result concluded that the marketing activities of PD Pacet Segar consisted of such variables as segmentation, targeting, positioning, product, price, place, and distribution. Alternative priorities are to build the perception of the potential market for superior products in order to look different compared to competitor's products.
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