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Title: Optimalisasi Produksi Brownies Singkong pada Mr.BrownCo Bogor
Authors: Tinaprilla, Netti
Margasetha, Gravi
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Bogor city is one area that experiencing rapid development of UMKM . Mr.BrownCo is one of UMKM in Bogor that capture business opportunities with compared unique food product to other food business . Brownies Cassava is one kind of snack practical with excellent nutritional content and safe for consumption so make such products can provide value added to the company in addition to excellence in product diversification of raw materials . One of the goals to be achieved by the company is the optimal profit . To achieve the optimization of the profits of a company faced with the reality of limited resources. Optimal production plan obtained by using linear programming . The output of data processing by using LINDO will provide an optimal combination of products so that maximum benefit can be achieved . The output of the data processing that provide an optimal combination will be compared with the actual conditions that occur in the company and to evaluate whether the activities undertaken during this production is optimal or not . Based on the results of the optimization analysis can be seen that the rate of production of brownies in mr.BrownCo during August - November 2012 have not been optimal . This is because there are differences between the actual conditions with optimal conditions . Mr.BrownCo should produce up to optimal conditions in order to make a profit ( gross profit ) is maximum . Mr.BrownCo should set back the excess availability of resources such as raw materials , labor hours and machine hours.
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