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Title: Material Medis Penambal Membran Timpani Berbasis Komposit Chitosan Melalui Pendekatan Mekanoakustik
Authors: Riyanto, Bambang
Trilaksani, Wini
Kartika, I Wayan Darya
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Perforation patch scaffold organic model-based on chitosan through mechano-acoustical approach to assess the perforation enclosure quality in terms of sound pressure quantity is the new inspiration of perforation closure method. The objectives of this research was to develop a model of composite chitosan as medical patch material of tympanic membrane through mechanoacoustical approach. Chitosan composite membrane formulated with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) only (A00), 3% chitosan-3% glycerol (B33), and 5% chitosan-1% glycerol (C51). Optimum formulation is obtained on a composite chitosan, glycerol, and PVA with 3%/4%/5% ratio (B33) had characteristics of 622,29 kg/m3 in density, 160,70 μm in thickness, 1.43×10-2 g/mm a day in water vapour transmission rate. Its formed varied pores, granule, and hygroscopic condition on composite membrane due to the addition of chitosan and glycerol on varied ratio. Mechanoacoustical test results of composite membranes with the formula had 0,30×106.N/m2 in Young's modulus; 0,18 cm-1 in sound absorption coefficient; 0,22×102 m/s in velocity on medium; 203,52 dBSPL in membrane sensitivity; and 94% of sound attenuation rate.
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