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dc.contributor.advisorAhmad, Frendy
dc.contributor.advisorWijaya, Budi Nurtama
dc.contributor.authorAfandi, Frendy Ahmad
dc.description.abstractThis study aimed to determine the effect of nanoencapsulation on the physicochemical and functional qualities of functional drinks based on Java-tea. Polysaccharide C nanoparticles were prepared by ionic gelation method using compound D as crosslinker. The initial experiment was conducted to obtain particle size below 300 nm with low polydispersity index and suitable flavor. Polyssaccharide C nanoparticles-drink was then analyzed for its physicochemical and functional qualities. The result showed that the polyssacharide C nanoparticles-drink had z-average diameter size 223.4 nm, polydispersity index 0.183, and zeta potential 18.28 mV which had significantly effect on physicochemical and functional of functional drink based on Java-tea compared to non-nanoparticles-drink (increasing pH value (3.94), total dissolved solid (4.5 obrix), refractive index (1.3395), viscosity (17.83 cP), lightness (L=71.75), hue (a=-2.47), hedonic rating (5.27 of 9 scale), sweetness (11.28 of 15 scale), foam volume 415 ml; decreasing particle size, polydispersity index, saturation (b), the intensity of sourness, and bitterness). Measurements of antioxidant activity and inhibition of α-glucosidase by utilizing in vitro method might not shown a credible result. Polyssacharide C nanoparticles showed as a potential capability to improve functional drink based on Java tea.en
dc.publisherIPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
dc.titleEffect of nanoencapsulation on the sensory, physicochemical, and functional quality of java tea base functional drinken
dc.subject.keywordionic gelationen
dc.subject.keywordfunctional drinken
dc.subject.keywordpolyssacharide Cen
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