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Title: Morfologi Kelenjar Lingualis Walet Linchi (Collocalia linchi) pada Masa Berbiak dan Bersarang
Authors: Novelina, Savitri
Setijanto, Heru
Pijayanti, Rany Puspa
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This research was aimed to describe the lingual gland morphology of the cave swiftlets (C. linchi) during reproduction and nesting period. Thirty six cave swiftlets were used in this research. The result showed that the lingual gland consist of anterior and posterior glands. Histologically, the anterior lingual gland was a simple mucous tubular gland and the posterior lingual gland was a complex (branched) mucous tubular gland. The lumen during reproduction period was smaller than the lumen during nesting period. Using AB pH 2.5 and PAS staining method, the lingual gland was detected containing of acid and neutral carbohydrate in the acinar of the anterior and posterior lingual glands. The intensity of the stain during the reproduction period was weaker than the nesting period.
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