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Title: Analisis Kelayakan Pengembangan Usaha Peternakan Ayam Broiler Di Desa Cihideung Udik, Kabupaten Bogor
Authors: Atmakusuma, Juniar
Fakhruddin, Riezky Sidik
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Broiler chicken husbandry is the most favorited kind of husbandry because it has high level of demand of its product. Bogor is one of regions in West Java that has high demand of chicken husbandry product. The study aims to ( 1 ) analyze feasibility enterprise development of chicken farmer broiler look from non financial aspects as aspects market, the technical aspects, aspect management and legal, aspect social and cultural and environmental aspects ( 2 ) analyze feasibility enterprise development of chicken farmer broiler look from financial aspects ( 3 ) analyzed levels of sensibility (switching value) feasibility enterprise development of chicken farmer broiler. Based on the analysis aspect financial and non financial, business of chicken broiler has worthy to be developed. Because it seen from Net Present Value (NPV) was IDR6 058 082 368, net B/C 2.84%, IRR 39.26%, and Payback Period 3.2 years. The Discount Rate was 6%. Switching Value analysis showed that the increasing price of feed price by 10.11% and decreasing price of selling chicken by 6.31% were still feasible. Chicken broiler farm more sensitive to decrease price of selling chicken than increasing price of feed.
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