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Title: Peranan dan Analisis Pendapatan Koperasi Susu di Jawa Timur (Kasus Koperasi Peternak Sapi Perah SAE Pujon)
Authors: Asmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
Keywords: dairy co-operative
koperasi peternak
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: Departemen Agribisnis, FEM-IPB
Series/Report no.: Prosiding PUD AGB 2012;page 331 - 346
Abstract: This study aims to: (1) analyze the role of co-operative dairy farmers, (2) analyze the Cooperative Surplus (SHU) and the determinants SHU of cooperative and member. The methods used in this study are: (1) Descriptive analyisis, and (2) Regression Analysis. The research was conducted at the SAE Pujon Cooperative, Malang regency, East Java. Site selection is done purposively. The study was conducted in May until November 2012. The results of income co-operative analysis show that SHU income received for the year 2011 decreased by 40 percent compared to year 2010. These results are influenced by others cost that influence SHU. The analysis also showed Cooperative of Pujon in 2010 and 2011 does not work efficiently. Marketing or milk sale from members to PT Nestle is dominant with market trends occurring of monopsony pattern. Although there have been alternative of IPS, but the cooperative is still reluctant to be separated from Nestle Corporation. Factors that influence the level of cooperative SHU are number of members, number of livestock, the amount of milk production and number of total deposits that is primary and voluntary savings and dummy of reign. Factors that influence the SHU per member are number of cattle per member, the amount of milk production per member, the total amount of savings per member and dummy of reign. There is a need to increase efficiency through emphasis of operational costs that are not directly related to implementation of dairy business especially in organizational and other costs.
ISBN: 978-979-493-259-9
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